Foncord Trading and Transport Co. W.L.L is a registered Company under the Qatar Ministry of Economy & Finance since 2004. We have been providing all type of transportation services such as the transportation of materials or labors for some major companies who are engaged in various types of well-known projects in Qatar. They are in full satisfaction with our services provided to them and we are very proud to serve such prestigious clients.

            We have acquired Goodwill with our performance in serving our customers. Most of our clients are international companies who are widely familiar.

The Foncord team believes that working by a set of core values such as credibility, reliability, liability, and timely delivery put the company ahead of the rest.

Supplying of Sweet Water
Supplying of Salt Water
Transportating Materials
Renting Transportation & Equipment
Removing Sewage Water

    We Provide goods and services to clients world wide with a focus on professionalism and customer service.


Foncord have been currently conducting transportation and would like to step forward with the field of construction as Qatar acquired the opportunity to conduct FIFA World Cup Foot Ball 2022. This gives a big opportunity to establish construction field as well. More over we look forward to initiate Manpower Supply as the approaching Qatar will be engaged in several new projects.